[Releases] scSTREAM/HeatDesigner V12 Second Release Notice

[Releases] scSTREAM/HeatDesigner V12 Second Release Notice

We are pleased to announce the first release candidate (RC2) for scSTREAM and HeatDesigner Version 12 (V12) which became available in November.  We hope users will be able to promptly experience and test some of the new features available in V12 and provide their opinions to us so we can implement them in the official release expected in mid-2015.  We will continue to enhance features for the official release. Thank you for your continued support.

The following new features will be included in the latest version.

1. Overall

  • – Solution file.

2. Preprocessor

  • – Speed up and abolish limitation of number of parts for part tree.
  • – Enhance the list of part.
  • – Enhance part exchanging.
  • – Add functions for finite element modeling.

3. Solver

  • – Multi-blocked cut-cell (STREAM)
  • – Illumination analysis (STREAM0
  • – MRT zooming (STREAM)
  • – Higher accuracy MARS method (STREAM0
  • – Output statistics.
  • – Enhance moving object – couple with dew condensation and other models (STREAM)
  • – Coupled solver for porous and thermal cicuit model.

4. Postprocessor

  • – Higher accuracy stream lines.
  • – Element based drawing.
  • – Enhance unit indication.

5. Tools and Options

  • – Parametric study tool.
  • – QFP-Delphi model output (EPM).

Although RC2 is officially supported, please note there will be some differences between RC2 and official release

  • – Based on the opinion of test use, some commands and specification of commands will be changed at the official release.
  • – Part of the reference information in the User’s Guide is not yet corrected.  Contents are same as V11.
  • – Example data for V12 is not included. Please use data from the V11 folder. This especially applies to VB interface examples; the arguments for the CreateObject method in the V12 program modules should be changed from 11 to 12.
    Ex. [Create Object (STpre_Bx64net.Application.12) ]
  • – The monthly program update is not available for RC. Technical support for RC1 will end after RC2 is released. Since technical support for RC2 is available, please contact this support team for any RC1 issues.