Aircraft Simulation

Aircraft Simulation

ContraVolts provides simulator services to airlines and training organizations around the world. Our team of engineers are well experienced simulator engineering across a wide range of device types, makes and models. We offer our customers software updates and assistance in the area of addressing snags.

We have the capability of assisting in aerodynamic model validation and implementation of new aerodynamics, engine and flight controls model upgrades as well as software updates.


  • Customised Solutions
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Effective

System Engineering Support

ContraVolts provides longer term support for real time system simulation including the following aircraft systems:

  • Crew Information Systems (EICAS, EIS, FWC, EFIS)
  • Flight Controls
  • Engines and APU
  • Autopilot
  • ECS (Pneumatics, Pressurisation, Air Conditioning, Oxygen)
  • Navigation
  • Ancillaries (Electrics, Hydraulics, Fuel, Miscellaneous)

Aerodynamics Math Model Development and Validation

Aircraft manufacturer provides complete description of the mathematical model and data for the aerodynamic model to be used in flight crew training simulators. These documents also includes a set of tests covering the aircraft flight envelop. With all these description and data it is required to develop an aerodynamic model. This developed model has to be validated with the provided tests covering the flight envelop.
ContraVolts has the expertise to develop and validate the aerodynamic model.

Qualification Test Guide (QTG) Package Preparation

Simulator performance is recorded with reference to actual aircraft performance data. This recorded performance is graphically represented to the certifying authority. Qualification Test Guide (QTG) is a guide for certifying new flight simulation technology to one of the regulatory levels of the appropriate national or regional regulatory body. A QTG provides a list of tests that are necessary to qualify a flight simulator for use.
ContraVolts has the expertise to prepare the QTG package for the new simulator as well as tuning the QTG package to ensure the simulator is performing accurately with the updates.

Simulator Data Package Modification

Simulator data packages are frequently getting updated due to airplane, regulatory and operator’s requirement change. These data updates include systems such as:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Engine
  • Flight Controls

ContraVolts has the expertise to implement, test, integrate and validate the data updates to provide a timely and cost effective solution.

Instructor Operating Station (IOS) Software Development

Instructor Operator Stations (IOS) provide a central location from which instructors and operators can manage training simulations. An effective IOS enables seamless control of exercise start-up, execution, and After Action Review (AAR) across distributed systems. It automates many setup and execution tasks, and provides interfaces tailored to the simulation domain for tasks that are done manually. Simulators are heavily dependent on technology that can quickly become obsolete. The Instructor Operating Station is a prime example of this. ContraVolts can replace the existing system with a new PC based system that retains the existing functionality.

Simulation Software Snag Clearance

Over time, training centres will accumulate a list of snags which potentially causing a regulatory agency to impose restrictions on an airline. ContraVolts has the flexibility to mobilize quickly to meet your schedule requirements, or we can consult and determine fixes to clean up the residual open items on a training device.