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Over a period of time, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) becomes an extensive tool to visualize the conceptual design or simply performance prediction. It provides user a platform for virtual simulations. CFD tools and techniques are extensively validated with experimental and analytical results. It gives designer to reduce experimental cost and efforts.

Our training curriculum is designed in multi levels. Each level is specially designed as per specific technical and skills requirements. The curriculum is based on “Finite Volume Methods” as per industrial requirements. The introductory course is designed for an engineer has very little knowledge or no exposure in this area. The Domain specific course is designed for the engineers, who have the understanding of “Fluid Mechanics”, “Heat Transfer” and “CFD”. Advanced level of courses includes Fundamentals, CFD analysis using commercial software and Domain bases project using commercial software.

Introductory courses

  • Theory
    • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
    • Introduction to CFD and its application
    • Introduction to Turbulence and Turbulence Models
    • Basic Discretization methods
    • Introduction to Meshing methods or techniques (Structured and Unstructured)
    • Boundary condition
    • Visualization technique

Hands On

  •  Analysis of Straight Square Duct Flow using Non Linear Turbulence Model.
  • Heat Transfer on the Circular Cylinder surface under the forced convection.
  • Evaluation of Thermal Transfer co-efficient of Rigid Rough wall.
  • Analysis of Square Cavity Flow.
  • Flat Plate Boundary Layer and Convective term Accuracy
  • Turbulent Heat Transfer in Axis-symmetric Impinging Jet Flow.
  • Accuracy Validation of Time Derivative Term
  • Heat Transfer in an Axis-symmetric Back Step Flow using the Adaptive Wall Function.
  • Detached Eddy Simulation around a 3D Cylinder.
  • Boundary Layer Transition on a Flat Plate.
  • Simulation of Flow with a Shock wave around a Two Dimensional Air-foil.


Domain Focus Courses

We provide the highest quality customer-focused training for engineers involved in fluid dynamics. Domain focus course is designed for engineers, who are already working in the area of CFD and wants to develop his/her expertize in specific domain.
The Company provide custom training programmes for the organization and industries to suit their requirement. We recognise the importance of continuous professional development and our flexible training programmes can help you or your team understand both the software functionality and the underlying principles of CFD, enabling tasks to be performed more efficiently and effectively.

Key Feature

  • Comprehensive range of courses at all levels from Awareness to Advanced Techniques.
  • Scheduled Courses
  • Customised Courses
  • Focus & Mentoring Days
  • Tuition is by our team of consulting engineers or partners who have daily experience in using CFD to solve real-life industrial analysis problems.
  • Introduction to Meshing methods or techniques (Structured and Unstructured)
  • Training can be held at our offices, on-site or at a venue local to you.