scSTREAM uses a structured mesh to provide extraordinary performance in both meshing and computation speed. Its performance is maximized for applications that do not require precise reproduction of fine geometrical curvature to predict accurate flow structures.
The finite volume method is used for discretization which is common for fluid/thermal analysis. scSTREAM can solve a one million mesh model using less than 300 MB of RAM. Various useful functions such as a VB interface and a user function with tabular input are provided for customer user interfaces.

Recommended for

Customers who simulate models with many parts that are composed of predominantly rectangular shapes. Any curves and slopes in the geometry can be expressed using stair step approximations without causing adverse effects on the flow field or thermal conductance. Examples include an air conditioning system, environmental assessment of wind, and electronics cooling. scSTREAM is also recommended for those who require fast processing and calculation speed more than geometrical precision.