Unlike ordinary general purpose CFD software, the extensive functionality contained within SC/Tetra enables it to be used to simulate a variety of other thermal/fluid applications. SC/Tetra’s capabilities include free surface simulation, aero acoustics, human body thermoregulation, object movement due to induced fluid forces (with six degrees of freedom), sprays, and more.


Simulating the water spray pattern is an interesting and challenging fluid problem. The water spray pattern, as a second phase, rotates and is intrinsically transient. The water spray pattern must be coupled to the air flow solution. SC/Tetra’s fast and memory efficient solver enables simulation of this complex application.



Your CFD Software Should Not Define Your Limits

Many of the CFD software on the market today make dramatic claims about how easily their CFD codes can be used to evaluate design concepts and reduce cycle time. These claims may be true when the problems being solved are relatively simple. However, when the geometry and/or flow phenomena become very complex, these software codes are quickly out of their league.


Seeing is one Step to Understanding. Understanding is the key to Innovation

It may not seem very profound to say that innovation is the key to differentiating your company from your competitors. But there is more truth to this statement than ever before. For several years now we’ve given substantial attention to quality, and we rarely talked about innovation. But today, customers assume they’ll get quality. Quality is a given. Look at cars.